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Casino Tables

Casino nights are the perfect form of entertainment to thrill & excite your guests!

The Games


Blackjack is a variation of Pontoon, and by far one of the most popular games, an ideal game for novices & the more experienced player. This is certainly another one of those must have games, at any casino night.

The idea of Blackjack is to get as close to 21 than the dealer. Over 21 and you lose!  Blackjack can accommodate 5 players, great fun for novices, pro's and players of all ages.


Roulette is the most famous & glamorous of casino games and no fun casino night would be complete without a Roulette table.

Place a bet on a single number, odds 35 to 1, split two numbers, odds 17 to 1 or play the even chance bets, black, red, even, odd etc.  This fun casino game can accommodate 10-25 players at any one time. Remember, not everyone plays at the same time.


Craps offers fantastic odds - It is also one of the most exciting casino games with the fastest action and the most noise with players shouting, chanting and cheering.

If you already have some knowledge or know what you're doing, you should go straight to the Craps table.  If you're new to the game, don't worry, the dealer is there to ensure you & your guests have fun at any game you play!

All our croupiers are selected for their personalities and are always smart, polite, fun, very informative.

Recommended minimum packages:

Small Groups - either one roulette or one blackjack, roulette takes up a bit more space.

Approx 75 Guests - 1 Roulette and 1 Blackjack table

Approx 125 Guests - 1 Roulette and 2 Blackjack tables

Approx 175 Guests - 2 Roulette and 2 Blackjack tables

200+ Guests - same as the above 2 categories with the addition of an extra Blackjack table or poker table.


Important Information
All quoted guidelines include set up, music during the breaks, full public liability insurance, and PAT tested equipment. Please note, all guidelines are subject to availability, venue location, other extras i.e. additional equipment for larger events, early set up times, etc. High Times Entertainment will handle all artist negotiations on your behalf with full legally binding contracting systems and full management of your event requirements from conception to completion.
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We hate spam to, so rest assured that your details will not be sent on to any third parties. We may send you news and offers from time to time.


We hate spam to, so rest assured that your details will not be sent on to any third parties. We may send you news and offers from time to time.